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People say you can’t sell good news... so we give it away free!


The Good News Journal  takes the Good News of some of the great things that are happening in America to the marketplaces and homeplaces of the Capital MetroPlex and Central Texas areas.  For more than eighteen years, it has provided leadership to individuals & corporations with a positive, patriotic, Godly perspective.
The Good News is distributed free through Dominion Distributors, OMNI Distributors, advertising associates, and volunteers who place it in or through offices, retail establishments, churches, restaurants, schools, libraries, welcome centers, heartwarmers, welcome wagons, federal and state buildings and jails.  This is also done through racks in hundreds of other locations.  

Good News’  major  retail distribution is through food stores like
Walmarts,  Sam’s Clubs. Central Markets &  Independents
 Think about that: What would the value be to your business or practice
to have the potential to reach every person who walks 
into one of these stores in Central Texas?   The Good News offers you that opportunity at a fabulous price !

Research indicates that 40% of readers get Good News in the first 15 days in the marketplace.  Good News is meeting the needs of people of all ages who are seeking hope and help.  The demographics of our readership are such that no other newspaper, or magazine,  meet these needs.   The majority of the population, 85.3%, lives in Travis, Hayes and Williamson counties.  Good News is distributed daily and published bi-monthly. 

The Good News is distributed in the following ways:
        1.  65% distributed in newspaper racks and pockets in retail outlets and advertisers.
        2.  25% distributed through libraries, churches, schools, YMCAs, offices, etc.   
        3.  15% distributed through advertisers, newcomer services  and volunteers.  
Distribution covers the Capitol MetroPlex, Austin/Central Texas and subscriptions nationally.

 The Good News is not in competition with any other newspaper or magazine, because none  represents the conservative Judeo-Christian worldview while reaching the general public of various beliefs.  Good News  is an award winner and is the only journal in Texas meeting this need. 

 The Good News touches lives as it presents the Good News: there is still hope and opportunity in America and that faith and the love of God is powerful. All of these are powerful reasons why you will be blessed as you partner with Good News Journal.

Praying and Praising Across Texas